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Model Number: JADOO3-HD
Enjoy your favorite Movies, Music, TV Shows and Newscasts direct from South-East Asia!
Get access to several Internet TV and Media Center applications such as: Youtube!
Connect an external USB hard drive and start recording your favorite programs!
Get Access to Unlimited HD Bollywood Entertainment - All Day, Everyday!


    Haunting memories of the motherland you left behind and the keen urge to stay connected with everyone there together prompt you to find a viable solution. Fortunately one company has been working very diligently towards this same goal over the last so many years and its name is JadooTV. Starting from their very first cute, little magical Set Top Box (STB) called Jadoo, their magic continues to this day.

    Harnessing the power of Internet, Jadoo (Magic in its purest form!) brings you unlimited entertainment from South Asian countries with no strings attached. For under $200.00 you can get your own Jadoo3, the latest and most advanced IPTV box in the market today and forget about any subscription and/or recurring fees.

    Enjoying worldwide acclaim as the leader in IPTV system, the much loved JadooTV introduced their latest model with many advanced features. Jadoo3, the amazing, little device is your first choice to maintain cultural ties with your motherland.

    JadooTV has once again created a sensation with its third generation of IPTV set-top boxes: Jadoo3, with a new, improved user friendly interface, an App Market, and a built in application for Live TV and On-Demand content named: JadooPLUS. The new version of Jadoo offers all the features of Jadoo2 plus a whole lot more.

    JadooPLUS is a multi-platform entertainment service consisting of Live TV and On-Demand content from South Asia. Jadoo3 caters to the South Asian communities worldwide.

    JadooTV has made licensing arrangements for premium content from some of the biggest television broadcast companies and movie studios in the region. Distributed over the Internet, JadooPLUS instantly bringing your favourite shows to your High Definition Television . Content on JadooPLUS includes dozens of live television channels covering news and entertainment, hundreds of hit Bollywood and regional movies, and hundreds of On-Demand shows and music videos.

    With the ‘Jadoo Marketplace’ and ‘MyJadoo’ you can personalize and customize your Jadoo3 to fit your needs for endless entertainment and fun. Get your Jadoo3 today!

    • Watch HD content - View Personal Media (Videos / Music / Pictures) from your home networked PC. View content in high quality - up to 1080p (Full HD).

    • Experience YouTube like never before - Watch millions of videos and customized content tailored to your demand including TV episodes, Dramas, Shows, Music, Cartoons, Sports and much more.

    • View Live TV - Watch live TV content from around the world. Navigation is easy with jadoo2 user interface allowing users to browse through different languages and content quickly.

    • MyJadoo - Personalize Live TV.

    • Access Internet video content via broadband Internet connection directly on your TV.

    • Have wired or wireless N Internet connectivity.

    • Watch YouTube videos by categories.

    • Share media contents from a computer using Windows Media Player (WMP).

    • Play personal content like music, videos, and photos stored on any PC on the Local Area Network (LAN) connection.

    • Play personal content in HD directly from the USB memory.

    • Bookmark a library of your favorite videos.
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